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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Leiba & Associates Insurance & Financial Agency, LLC

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Great professional with 21 years experience! You can definitely tell the difference. Good to have a financial guru that will be direct and tell you what you need to enhance your financial horizon. Highly recommend!

I attended the financial seminar held by Mr. Leiba in Del Mar -San Diego, California. I was pleasantly surprised how informative the seminar was. Mr. Leiba was personable and clear in his delivery, very professional, and not pushy at all. I like that he is big on relationships and made me feel comfortable to move forward with a follow-up appointment. I signed up for the annuity with confidence. 

Interestingly enough, I met Jason in Costco. He was dressed nicely so I curiously asked him what he did for a living. He mentioned he was in insurance and finance and we sparked a conversation -  in Costco of all places. I informed him I was retiring in a month and he invited me to one of his financial seminars the next week. Oddly, I receive invitations to financial seminars all the time, however, I do not wish to be that person that just comes to eat and leave. I don't think that's right at all. 

As a retiring doctor, I was more than pleased to learn more about financial freedom and finding conservative ways to make my assets grow safely. Jason was extremely informative and I learned a good deal. His seminar was great and easy to follow. My sister and I made a follow-up appointment and we both invested our retirements.

I find it ironic I found you in Costco but sure happy I did. Timing is everything. 

Wise beyond his years and highly respected. Thank you for assisting me and spending the time to be transparent regarding my new investment. I feel safe now. Also appreciate the handsome bonus. 

Fantastic customer service and follow up. I was looking for life insurance for my family as I just had twin girls. Mr. Leiba went out his way to assist me coming to my home. I was approved for a million dollar life insurance policy that gives me the peace of mind I needed. I appreciate your help. 

I met Mr. Leiba at his financial seminar in La Jolla, California. I was near retirement and was scared to put my money in the market because of it's volatility. My wife was pleased with his knowledge and scheduled a follow-up appointment. We are very happy with your service and thank you knowing our nest egg is safe from market declines and risk.

Very knowledgeable, passionate, and invested in his career of 21 years. I have worked with several insurance and financial individuals over my 71 years, and Jason has to be one of my top 3. He listens, asked the right questions, and helps you settle your nerves when it comes to investing. He was patience with me as I had a ton of questions. I trust Jason implicitly with my retirement. He recommended the #1 annuity. After reading all the brochures, I was very comfortable moving forward and investing. Great job.

I've been to several financial seminars in the past and Mr. Leiba's was the best. He is very personable and relationships are very imperative to him. So much so, he jokes about giving his clients pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving. I invested in the recommended annuity and received an astonishing bonus - I was elated! With the stock market being so volatile in the last year, I wanted a safe risk-free investment I could trust. Mr. Leiba did that for me. He helped me secure my piece of mind. Thank you.

I was referred to Jason from one of the teachers in our school district. I was happy to work with him as I already knew he was appointed by the district. I was looking for life insurance for myself and my family. Peace of mind is priceless and that's exactly what he told me. I was able to get life insurance for myself, husband, and four children at a phenomenal rate with multiple discounts. I'm glad I found Jason!

I went to a seminar after receiving an invitation. Jason was very professional and answered every question fully. I invested my money back in March 2017. I received a high annuity bonus. He returns my emails and phone calls immediately. I've referred friends to him and they are very happy with him and their results also. 

Got a post card from the company in the mail. Attended the seminar and was very impressed with Jason's presentation. After seeing it, I invested. Jason delivered on everything he promised. I recommend him, he was so informative that my wife and I invested more. 

We earned a huge bonus on our annuity and we are extremely happy with the service we received from Jason and his supportive staff. We have already referred our neighbors. You truly treat your clients like family. We are also looking forward to our pumpkin pie.

We appreciate you!

I live in Coronado, San Diego and attended a financial seminar with Leiba & Associates Insurance & Financial Agency. I was happy that I was able to obtain a great deal of information from the seminar as I just retired. After the seminar, I immediately set up an appointment to meet with Mr. Leiba. He assisted me with earning an extremely generous bonus on my investment! 

So grateful for your assistance. Thank you.

Jason Leiba is a perfect blend between professionalism and being personable. We have never been rushed and every question is welcomed and answered - and we had many! We enjoyed the financial seminar and learned a great deal more when we scheduled a follow up meeting in our home. I actually attended the seminar because my significant other was looking for the right product for some investment money. I did not think I had anything to invest but found out that I was able to move an existing IRA account over to the product Jason recommended. 

We both made a large profit overnight with an initial bonus and now have much more earning potential. We are very excited about our annuity and our future retirement. Anyone that meets Jason will quickly learn he feels strongly that peace of mind is most important and that is exactly what we have now since working with him. 

In addition, you wont find a more organized, responsive, ethical or caring individual. It is very apparent that Jason cares a great deal about his clients' well being and them having a secure future. We feel as though we have expanded our family through our relationship with Jason and we are so thankful for his guidance, expertise and friendship.

I met Jason Leiba at a financial seminar in Rancho Mirage. I had been very impressed by the presentation and also wanted to place my money into a safe investment vehicle. This company has been around for many years, and I became an investor since the ups and downs of the stock market did not appear a good solution for me. Jason has guided me and been there for me when I had questions and it turned into a nice working relationship. I really appreciate the attention I have received from Jason Leiba.

Mr. Leiba is a great teacher at his craft. He spends the time to educate you on each investment option that is best for you. On several occasions, he has given me suitable recommendations to ensure I had more than enough assets for a rainy day. He cared about my well-being. Thank you Mr. Leiba for your knowledge and relationship. I would highly recommended your services. 

I attended the Secure Your Peace of Mind Today Through Smart Investing Seminar in Downtown San Diego. I was elated to know such time and effort went into Mr. Leiba's financial seminar. He is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and explains investments in such a way you can clearly articulate. He also helped me earn a high annuity bonus! I can't say enough how grateful I am I met Mr. Leiba. His seminar was the best I ever attended. Gratefully, thank you to you and your warm staff.

Jason Leiba is the most caring individual. He really takes care of his clients just like they're family. I truly am grateful for the guidance Jason has provided since becoming a widow two years ago, I feel confident in knowing my children's future is secure.

My wife and I were formally invited to a financial seminar in La Jolla by Leiba & Associates Insurance & Financial Agency. As an of age retired Judge and wife an Attorney, we receive several seminar invitations in our free time.  Yet, we were impressed with Mr. Leiba and his experience. His seminar was one of the best we have attended. 

After our subsequent meetings at his office, we decided to transfer both our Fidelity accounts. We felt very comfortable with the company he recommended as they have a great proven track record for investment growth. We were also pleased to find we would receive an extremely generous bonus on our safe annuity. 

Linda & I would like to personally thank you Mr. Leiba for your trust, care, and relationship. We appreciate your character and business acumen. 

I was formally introduced to Mr. Leiba and Leiba & Associates Insurance through a trusted business partner I've known for over 30 years. I was in the market seeking new investment opportunities and understood Leiba & Associates could assist me. Mr. Leiba sat with me over several individual visits to ensure I received the best rate of return and upfront bonus possible. I was moved to learn his knowledge of annuities . He was able to earn me a 15% upfront bonus on my entire annuity. As a result, my wife is now planning a much needed vacation for us.

Once again, thank you for your professionalism and efforts to enhance my family's well-being. I will continue to recommend you onward to my colleagues.

I was introduced to Leiba & Associates Insurance at a networking event I attended in Beverly Hills. As a vendor sponsor, I was impressed with their presentation and overall knowledge of the industry. My friend Jim who recently purchased a large life insurance policy, couldn't stop speaking of the great customer service he received from the Leiba & Associates staff. 

I was just recently approved for my $150,000 life insurance policy and I now feel very secure. I was also happy to choose from the many top insurance carriers they partner with. My health hasn't always been the best, but now I have my peace of mind knowing I'm covered. Thank you!

I found Leiba & Associates Insurance by sheer chance. I came across one of their marketing stands at a senior living community and was so pleased I did. I had just retired and did not know where to go for advice. Leiba and Associates did a great job in guiding me. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Class Act & genuinely care for their clients. Thank you for my much needed life insurance policy and taking the time to explain the detailed benefits. You secured my peace of mind.

Leiba & Associates came highly recommended from my attorney who was a previous client. We visited their Orange County office and was immediately impressed with their professionalism. We were also greeted like family. My wife Susana and I were able to secure the life insurance we needed to feel comfortable moving forward. Leiba & Associates also informed us of the importance of Long Term Care insurance and we are now considering moving forward with LTC coverage. Thank you for assisting us and making the process easy. We will surely pass your business card on.

Customer Service was Par Excellence. We have never had such great customer service! From the very first time we met Jason, he has been there for us through every question, concern, and major insurance and financial decision. We earned money from the very start and every subsequent meeting was to give us an update how well our annuity was performing.

Jason has spoiled us for years with his customer service and most importantly, he is honest!

Leiba & Associates is very concerned with helping you keep your money growing and secure. Especially in times like these, you need an agent like Jason working with you.

I was searching for insurance companies in Orange County and recently found Leiba & Associates online. I was invited to their office in Anaheim and was pleasantly surprise with the knowledge Jason has. He reviewed everything with me in detail and made sure my life insurance plan fit within my budget. I felt very comfortable and secure.

I had no idea where to turn for assistance and Leiba & Associates was there for me. I have also recommended my sister to their office as well. Thank you so much.

I would recommend Leiba & Associates Insurance Agency to anyone! 
Jason has been so helpful with all my insurance needs over the years. When I found out I was not eligible for Long Term Care insurance, he found other insurance products to ensure I would have the means to care for myself in the event of a long or serious illness.

Jason has been very patient in explaining my options, and I really appreciate the time he spends with me.

I am most proud to recommend Leiba & Associates Insurance to those individuals seeking to secure their peace of mind through life insurance and annuities. After meeting with the L&A team in their office, I knew I was working with a professional and knowledgeable staff. The time was taken to carefully plan and implement my insurance portfolio to make sure I had everything I needed to protect my family and interest.

Thank you again for your great service. Class act.

Leiba & Associates has done an excellent job in assisting my wife and I with our individual transition from the work place into retirement. Jason came as a personal referral from a close friend I trust who previously worked with their firm. Upon meeting, I was impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. They takes pride in assisting others and making sure they are well taken care of.

My wife and I were also grateful that Jason took the time to visit us over 3 times to ensure we fully understood the life insurance and long term care policies we were interested in. Being very detailed oriented, he actually saved us money as he ran several quotes from multiple insurance carriers. We are more than happy with Leiba & Associates' service and will be passing the word on to our dear family and friends. We appreciate you helping us secure our peace of mind. Thank you again!

When I needed insurance answers, I turned to Leiba & Associates to guide me. Their customer service and willingness to assist me with all my questions relieved a lot of stress looking for the right life insurance product. I had a lot of questions and had been putting off life insurance for years. Thank you for making the process simple. The peace of mind I now have is priceless.

Professional, caring, and listens to the needs of the client. Leiba & Associates did a great job of assisting me with my 401k rollover from my previous employer Northrop Grumman. I am earning over 5% interest with the annuity set up for me and I couldn't be happier!

Thank you for your amazing work and attention to detail! I will refer you to my family & friends.

I met Jason Leiba in 2008 after my now deceased husband had him as an agent and advisor. My late husband Charles admired him so much on a personal and business level for his professionalism and attention to detail. So much so that, he entrusted all of his stocks and 401K to him to earn additional capital.

When my late husband passed, Jason was there to assist me with transferring the family assets.

Jason is a very classy man, plus he likes family.

Very Knowledgeable, professional, and patient. Jason takes the time to review all material and answer questions. We worked together for months preparing the right insurance venture for my life insurance and investment needs. In the end, I was greatly appreciative. I have recommended two additional family members to Leiba & Associates. I was very pleased with their service and would return.

I would recommend Leiba & Associates to any new prospect looking for insurance coverage. Jason is very knowledgeable, and with over 10+ years in the insurance field, he knows his material. My family and I have invested over 620k with Jason over the last 2 years, and every year we are very satisfied with our annuity performances. Highly recommended!

Thank you Jason, you're family to us.

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